The Printing Industry in 2024 - Perspectives and Trends

Explore the future of the printing industry in 2024. Uncover emerging trends and opportunities that will redefine the landscape of this dynamic sector.

The printing industry faces significant challenges and opportunities in 2024. In this era, where efficiency, sustainability and customization become crucial elements, trends in the printing industry reflect constant adaptation to new market needs. From technological innovations and changes in consumer behaviour to the challenges posed by the post-pandemic business environment, these trends are shaping the direction the printing industry is heading in 2024.

Accentuated Digitization

Technology is a major factor influencing the printing industry. In recent years, new technologies that have emerged transformed the way companies approach the printing process. One of the most notable trends is the shift from traditional to digital printers. This offers advantages such as faster production speed, superior image quality and flexibility in customization. It is estimated that by 2025, over 50% of businesses will use digital printers, up from around 30% today.

Sustainability and greening

Another important aspect of the printing industry in the near future is sustainability and concern for the environment. Companies are increasingly aware of the impact on the environment and are looking for eco-friendly printing solutions. According to a survey conducted by Ricoh, around 75% of companies want to reduce the amount of paper used and implement strategies for sustainable printing by 2024. Thus, the demand for recycled paper and eco-friendly ink is expected to increase significantly in the following years, and companies in the printing industry will have to adapt to these trends to remain relevant in the market.

Increasing demand

Recent statistics show a significant increase in the demand for printing services in the business world. According to a report by the international market research company “Smithers Pira”, the global printing market is worth more than 800 billion dollars and is growing steadily at an annual rate of about 2.8%. It is estimated that this growth trend will continue until 2024, due to the evolution of printing technology and the diversification of the industry.

Insights, trends and key statistics from the printing industry indicate a continued growth in the demand for printing services in the business world. Technological advances, sustainability and concern for ecology will influence the way companies approach the printing process in the following years. It is essential that organizations stay abreast of these changes and adapt to remain competitive in an ever-evolving market.

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