Software bots in the public sector? Aliant thinks yes.

Bogdan Ciubotaru Managing Partner Aliant

The business of the IT integrator Aliant grew last year by 16%, to 9.6 million euros, and the company is counting on an upward evolution this year as well, relying, among other things, on the implementation of software robots, technology of automation of repetitive processes for which he has discussions with clients from many fields, both private and public sector. Software robots is a well-known technology in Romania rather due to the success of UiPath. "We have a growing number of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) customers and we feel a very good potential in the market. Aliant uses Tailent's RPA technology, and here we have the advantage of a well-calibrated solution for the SME segment. Aliant has RPA capabilities on other platforms as well, but we believe Tailent offers the democratization of RPA that SMBs desperately need. Of course, some effort is needed to educate customers about what RPA software bots mean and what advantages appear in business, because sometimes there are certain false perceptions: whether they are only for large companies or that they are expensive or that implementations are cumbersome", says Bogdan Ciubotaru, Aliant managing partner.

The company talks to customers in many industries, mostly in the private sector but also in the public sector, and claims that once customers understand how an RPA software robot works, it relatively quickly identifies the processes that can be automated: generally the first RPA robots are starting their jobs in finance, logistics and HR departments, but the list can quickly expand. The partnership between Aliant and Tailent on the RPA solution dedicated to SMEs was announced last year. The world leader in this field is another company founded by Romanians – UiPath, now based in the USA, listed last year on the New York stock exchange, with a capitalization of almost 20 billion dollars. Aliant - specialized in the design and integration of infrastructure solutions and the main distributor of Xerox solutions on the Romanian market - has offices in Bucharest, Iași and Bacău, and a portfolio of over 400 clients, both large and smaller companies, as well as partners in the distribution area.

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