Aliant bots, the solution Alison Hayes used to overcome the pandemic

Software bots created by Aliant, the solution Alison Hayes used to overcome the challenges of the pandemic

Aliant, one of the leading IT integrators and IT service management providers, came to meet Alison Hayes, a global textile manufacturing company, with software robots (RPA) that supported her in overcoming the challenges of the pandemic and in making repetitive tasks more efficient.

Aliant develops software robots for Alison Hayes that optimize tasks related to the company's IT applications and streamline the ordering and invoicing departments. The medium-term objective is to completely transfer the large workload dedicated to time- and effort-consuming repetitive activities to the "digital employee department" throughout the organization. Automating repetitive activities generates savings, reduced costs and a tremendous impact in reducing and even eliminating errors.

"Alison Hayes understood very well the opportunity that process automation through RPA brings to business and decided to act. We are happy to be part of this digital transformation by contributing decisively through our team's expertise to the objectives of reducing operational costs and reallocating freed resources (human and material) to key areas and achieving Alison Hayes' efficiency and digitization targets," said Bogdan Ciubotaru, Managing Partner Alliant.

"We realized that in order to focus on the key elements of the business, we need to become more flexible from an operational point of view. With Aliant's help, we managed to streamline digitization initiatives, and now our goal at company level is to gradually automate all tasks that can be performed by software robots, optimizing our costs and increasing efficiency," added Corina Stoica, Director Finance Alison Hayes.

British company Alison Hayes, based in Bucharest and with a factory in Urziceni, supplies textiles to a number of large retailers. This had to do with big challenges related to reducing orders due to the problems that its customers experienced during the pandemic. As such, the company developed a new business line of medical products, the automation of standardized and repetitive tasks being the solution for integrating the new division, well overcoming this period and accelerating business growth.

RPA is one of those technologies where the investment is relatively easy to track, where the savings are obvious. The recovery of the investment in RPA is usually made within a period of 3 to 12 months. Depending on the processes to which RPA is applied, costs are reduced by 25% to 80%. Aliant uses Tailent technology in the development of software robots, this being a solution very well adapted to medium-sized companies in Romania.

About Aliant

Aliant is an IT integrator and managed services provider whose mission is to contribute to the competitive, efficient and sustainable development of its clients by using the most advanced technologies. The company's main activity consists of digital business transformation services, using, among others, automation/RPA solutions, virtual assistants, augmented reality, data security, document management and printing.

About Alison Hayes

Alison Hayes designs and manufactures clothing and medical products. The company was founded in the 60's with the aim of designing and producing clothing for major retailers in the UK and Europe. Headquartered in London, it also has offices in Romania and Vietnam.


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