Aliant, 10% business growth and a possible transaction

Bogdan Ciubotaru, Managing Partner Aliant

The Romanian company Aliant, IT integrator and provider of digital business transformation services, estimates that it will record a turnover of 13.7 million euros this year, increasing by 10% compared to 2022.

"As far as budget forecasting is concerned, I have noticed that the degree of uncertainty has increased constantly in recent years. However, we have learned to be proactive and adapt quickly to new situations. An eloquent example is the first quarter of this year, which brought us results above expectations, but we are aware that this context can change at any moment. We must be prepared to fall back and adapt accordingly", Bogdan Ciubotaru, Aliant Managing Partner, told

The company will focus this year on Hyper Automation, the solution that includes business process automation technologies (such as RPA and Chatbots), and Managed Print Services, through which it completely takes over the management of the clients' printing ecosystem.

Another goal is to develop the printing distribution division. "For the year 2023, we want to accelerate organic growth through Hyper Automation in particular, and at the organization level, in general. We are also actively concerned about a possible acquisition in the field of IT / Printing with the help of which we aim to integrate solutions and skills that will help us offer our customers high quality services", says Ciubotaru.

The company has held discussions with potential M&A partners and has identified several acquisition options in the IT and Printing areas, while still looking for other suitable candidates. A possible transaction is expected within a 12-month horizon. Ciubotaru notices a significant increase in the adoption of digitization in Romania, warning, however, that the full understanding of this field is still a topic of debate. "There are still many stages to go, but most companies have begun to realize that the current changes in the business context, especially those that come with artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, cannot be ignored without suffering significant losses. Maybe we don't have to love them, but it's essential not to ignore them," says managing partner Aliant. Last year, the company's consolidated revenues rose by 23%, to 12.6 million euros.




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