30 years old, company Aliant is betting on a hyper-automated future

Bogdan Ciubotaru Managing Partner Aliant

On the anniversary of 30 years of activity, the Romanian company Aliant, IT integrator and provider of digital business transformation services, bets for 2023 on the consolidation of the digital transformer portfolio, mainly on hyper-automation services, based on RPA, Chatbots and low-code applications, according to a press release sent to the editors.

"We are celebrating 30 years of constant transformations, together with our customers and partners, to whom we are grateful because we wrote together the history of Aliant in Romania and because they gave us the opportunity to build projects of which we are proud, which today are landmarks in our evolution," said Bogdan Ciubotaru, Aliant Managing Partner.

According to the cited source, there are 5 lessons that underlie Aliant's success in Romania:

1. The transformation. The company went through some absolutely necessary transformations, the most important being the transition from a model based on the sale of products to one in which value is given by the automatic management of fleets of IT equipment and copiers;

2. The diversity of solutions. If in the 90s there was a limited number of products and services, today the company's portfolio offers 10 times more business solutions, based on technologies that allow increasing performance and productivity;

3. Increasing service activities. At the beginning of the 90s, services represented only 5% of Aliant's activity, while today over 80% of the company's customers purchase services (managed printing and IT services, hyper-automation, IT integration and development, etc.)

4. The team. The Aliant team is made up of long-standing employees, the core of which is constantly being joined by teammates, especially for hyper-automation, digital and service activities. The high degree of retention enjoyed by the company's human resources is due to the culture, as well as the team spirit, welded over time through events experienced together and through the professional evolution that took place together.

5. Efficiency. Depending on the solutions implemented and the degree of coverage of the targeted processes, the automation solutions implemented by Aliant increase, on average, the efficiency of the clients' activity by between 20% and 50%, and can even double it.

For the end of 2022, Aliant estimates to exceed the growth recorded in 2021, when the company ended the year with a turnover of 9.6 million euros, up 16% compared to the previous year. It is just proof of the fact that, in a context of multiple crises, with challenges for the economic environment, digitization is the constant that ensures the evolution of a company, the press release also states.

Source: https://www.bursa.ro/la-aniversarea-a-30-de-ani-de-activitate-compania-aliant-pariaza-pe-un-viitor-hiper-automatizat-43453847 

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