Security and Data Integrity

Protect sensitive data with security and data integrity solutions, by implementing technology and best practices to keep your data safe from potential cyber-attacks.

Cyber Security Aliant

In a nutshell

Data integrity and security services refer to the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data throughout its entire lifecycle, from creation to destruction, while it is protected from unauthorized access, use, disclosure or modification. It involves implementing measures to safeguard data from threats such as cyberattacks, data breaches, and other malicious activities.


Key benefits

Reducing fixed costs by eliminating salary, overhead and additional staff costs

Access to useful expertise

Availability 24/7

Maximum security and safety of your business data and information

Custom and secure back-up solutions



What we provide

Information security technologies have a huge impact on the way organizations conduct e-business and, implicitly, achieve their strategic objectives. Well-used information security technologies mean for companies to maintain their reputation, potential and avoid financial losses.

The consequences of cyber security incidents can be disastrous - but they can be avoided. The old methods of computer security remain important, but as companies acquire a new virtual identity, they are no longer enough.

We offer a full range of managed security services, from back office to front office. But the real strength of our partnership lies in the process of integrating and coordinating security services in your company. Managed security services are comprised of state-of-the-art tools, technology and expertise to provide information goods, 24/7/365, most often at a quarter of the cost of in-house security resources.

Managed and Cloud Security Services
Monitoring and continuously improving the protection of IT components, as well as improving information security.
Network and IT infrastructure security services
Better identification of security threats and risks for the entire infrastructure and protection of networks against Internet threats.
Application security services
Improved protection and optimization of business critical applications.
Access and Identity Management Services
Identity verification and assistance in the management and protection of systems, applications and data against unauthorized access.
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Aliant offers backup and disaster recovery solutions, offering companies extremely reliable, centrally managed data protection that makes sense, no matter how complex the data or infrastructure. The advanced data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity technologies offered by Aliant Business Solutions provide you with a number of crucial tools to protect your data at an acceptable and permissive cost.
First, we define the key processes needed to identify and then protect critical data. Subsequently, by implementing robust data backup and recovery mechanisms, we effectively prevent any kind of data loss caused by power outages, corruption of hardware or software systems or any other kind of computer disaster.

Our offer includes:
- Protection for physical and virtual servers. Data protection and enforcement system, recovery and availability.
- Instant recovery system.
- Scalable solutions, with centralized management.
- High availability solutions: replications, clusters and backup
- Design, development, maintenance and assurance of information security policies


IBM Solution

With data source controls, companies can understand application data and access patterns, prevent data leaks, and apply data exchange controls. The integrated audit report can be used to generate compliance reports on a scheduled basis, can distribute reports to supervisory teams for waivers, as well as documentation resulting from remedial activities.

Aliant delivers the expertise, skills and technology to help you reduce the cost and complexity of securing infrastructure. With IBM solutions we go from planning and design to implementation, testing, monitoring and management of multi-vendor environments.

Our team of specialists with certified professional expertise in carrying out IT projects with a high level of complexity, is ready to solve the specific requirements regarding data security and infrastructure.