Infrastructure as a Service

IT infrastructure provided and managed by us, allowing your business to safely scale with your growth needs in a cost-effective manner.

server infrastructure as a service Aliant

IaaS in a nutshell

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a provisioning model by which an organization outsources the equipment used for current operations: servers, storage, hardware, and network components.

The service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for the proper functioning and maintenance of the working parameters. The equipment can be hosted by the beneficiary or the supplier and everything is in the form of a monthly subscription.


Our approach

Aliant purchases the equipment, configures and installs them at the customer's premises. Moreover, we monitor and maintain the equipment on a monthly basis to ensure their continuous operation. After a predefined period (or if the equipment deteriorates) we will replace them with new ones.


Advantages of IaaS

Zero investment. Just a monthly subscription.
It's simple. You receive new IT equipment together with and specialized support services and pay only a monthly subscription, which you can modify or easily give up if needed. You have a lower total cost, deductible immediately and predictable, which makes budget planning and execution so much easier. In addition, the extra money that you will now have available can be used in other areas of your business.

New IT equipments. Get rid of the old stuff! Get new IT equipment: laptops, desktops, Lenovo LCD monitors and Casio projectors. All products are in the business grade range, which makes them more suitable for daily operations. The Windows operating system is included. We can also add other equipments such as servers or different components needed for the IT infrastructure.
Full IT support. Get rid of the headaches! For all new or existing equipment we provide complete IT support, so that your business can grow easily and without interruptions. Focus on what is really important to you: your business. We take care of the rest. For any problem not solved within 24 hours we will change your equipment.

Increase productivity. Persistence of problems caused by technology is a common cause of decreased productivity due to downtime, slowing down of activity or demoralizing employees. Sentinel provides your team with an efficient environment and eliminates tensions that may arise due to inability to work. We live in a world strongly influenced by technology and equipment. Never underestimate the motivation of employees who work with new, modern and fast equipment.

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