ZF. Aliant: Interest in logistics automation. Next up is AR.

ZF. Aliant: Interest in logistics automation. Next up is AR. Bogdan Ciubotaru

The implementation of software robots to take over the repetitive tasks carried out by humans so far represents the next step in the development of the logistics industry, according to Bogdan Ciubotaru, managing partner of the Aliant company.

"The competitiveness of the respective company depends on the speed, precision and efficiency with which a logistics center operates or related services. Digitization in logistics means hyper-automation. Every company has certain processes that now happen manually – from HR to logistics or warehouse operations. There will always be human-made processes, relatively simple manual tasks. When we talk about manual work we can talk about errors, people to do it and how we can make it more efficient - through automation. Today a simple way is RPA - Robotic Process Automation - automation of processes with software robots. We customize and they learn the tasks. If they are repetitive and standardized, they are excellent, they can do the same thing as a human, but they can do it non-stop, without mistakes and faster", said Bogdan Ciubotaru during the ZF Logistica Businessului show, a ZF&Element Industrial project.

Aliant is an IT integrator and provider of managed services. The company's main activity consists of digital business transformation services, using, among others, automation/RPA solutions, virtual assistants, augmented reality, data security, document management and printing.

Aliant developed for Alison Hayes software robots that optimize the tasks related to the company's IT applications and streamline the order and billing departments.

If in the West warehouses have become more and more automated, as a plan for efficiency but also for problems related to re-recruitment, in Romania the increasingly heated discussions on the topic of automation are now starting.

"We are already working with logistics clients. In Romania, interest in automation is growing. More and more companies, including large and medium ones, realize that automating the business frees up resources. We use augmented reality as part of the hyperautomation suite", said Bogdan Ciubotaru.

Thus, the respective employees can take on other more important tasks for the company, with greater value and greater impact.

"In logistics we are talking about everything that means scheduling deliveries or tracking them - there are still manual tasks starting from delivery requests, providing system updates, processing invoices. For an invoice you need more details and mistakes can occur. RPA is preferred because it can be implemented simply, no special developments are needed", said Bogdan Ciubotaru.

Automation also goes towards customer interaction – the chatbot or the virtual assistant – they use artificial intelligence and machine learning.

"The human resource is valuable and must be used in areas that bring added value to the company rather than copy/paste or moved data. The problems of staff recruitment are becoming more acute, and now the question is how a company can use the staff it has more efficiently, there is no question of layoffs due to automation and people are used on tasks that bring growth and added value ", explained the director of Aliant.

Aliant and Xerox recently made a partnership through which they make available to companies and field technicians the CareAR augmented reality solution, a company recently acquired by the American giant. Through it, the technicians are shown on their tablet or phone, interactively, where the malfunction of an equipment is and how to solve it. This comes with important advantages of costs, time and especially comfort for consumers and companies, in industries with a major impact on daily life.

The company ended the year with a turnover of 9.6 million Euros, an increase of 16% compared to last year and an EBITDA in line with this increase.

It has more than 400 clients in its portfolio, both large and smaller companies, as well as distribution partners.

Source: https://www.zf.ro/zf-logistica-businessului/zf-logistica-businessului-bogdan-ciubotaru-aliant-interesul-pentru-21246171 

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