The Printing Industry: decline vs innovation

Digitization, online communication and social media seem to dominate the business sector. However, the printing industry should not be underestimated, although it has gone through major changes in recent decades, printing has adapted and developed in order to maintain its relevance in today's world.
The most recent challenge to this industry was the pandemic. In the context of the global outbreak of coronavirus, the only things that multiplied faster than viruses were home printers, which became a necessity in the context of remote work. As people have adapted to working from home, the need to print important documents and files at home has increased significantly. According to a study, sales of office printers increased significantly during the pandemic, emphasizes "The Printing and Imaging Market Research Institute". According to the data, the number of printers purchased for use at home or in small offices has increased by more than 40% compared to the pre-pandemic period. Manufacturers have launched new ranges, specially designed to help the productivity of those who work from home. These include printers, scanners, software and workflow automation solutions.
The outlook seems to be favorable for the future as well. According to a recent report by research firm “MarketsandMarkets”, the global printing industry is expected to grow significantly during the period 2021-2026, at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 2.7%. The continuous development of printing technology that has become more efficient and affordable, accelerating digitization and demand from areas such as advertising graphics, printing and publishing industry are identified as the main factors that will drive growth in the printing market.
Printing will continue to have a strong position in a powerful and resilient industry, which is able to innovate and create recurrence through personalized services offered according to the needs of customers - from small entrepreneurs to large corporations

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