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Choosing a lower quality toner can waste time and resources, affecting business efficiency and productivity. Learn how choosing genuine toners can bring long-term benefits.

When it comes to printer supplies, many users fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest toner, considering that saving money this way is the best solution. However, the quality of the toner we choose can have a major impact on the quality of the prints as well as the life of the printer. This is why it is essential to understand why we should prioritize quality and performance when it comes to consumables.

Impact of lower quality toners on print quality

According to a study conducted by “Campbell DeLong Resources”, original Xerox solid ink produces superior image quality and color accuracy, while third-party solid ink produces an obvious lack of saturation and color accuracy.eng 1 Original Xerox solid ink is also manufactured in the USA to strict health, safety and environmental standards. Third party solid ink often comes from Asia and standards can be very different. A third-party ink has a distinct, pungent odor from an unidentified material, so its impact on human health and the environment is unknown. The negative effects of third-party toners can be visible immediately after printing, compromising the image and professionalism of documents. Blurred lines or stains on the paper can ruin the final look of the print and distorted colors can convey the wrong or incomplete message.

Lower quality toner can affect the life of the printer

The lifespan of the printer is a crucial factor when choosing consumables for our machine. Studies over time show that third-party toners can have a significant impact on printer longevity. Shortening the life of the printer can result in significant repair costs or the entire machine may need to be replaced. Choosing original toners can extend the life of your printer, helping not only to save money in the long run, but also to maintain the functionality and performance of the machine. It is important to factor in the cost of printer maintenance when choosing supplies to ensure that we are making the right choices for optimal and efficient use of the printer.

Investing in quality pays off in the long run

eng Investing in quality can be more beneficial in the long run in many ways, including when using printer toners. As a study by "SpencerLab" revealed, non-Xerox toners have a reduced yield compared to the original Xerox ones. During ISO yield testing, more than half of the printers tested with non-Xerox toner cartridges failed to complete reliability testing because toner build-up in the machines caused premature failure of the imaging units, transfer rollers and fuser. All printers using 3rd party toner cartridges have experienced numerous paper jams usually caused by the tool teeth being left down and covered with weak toner. This seemingly economical choice turned out to be more expensive in the long run, as the increased costs of constantly replacing toners far outweighed the initial savings. In addition, using low-quality toners can also damage the printer, requiring expensive repairs or even replacement sooner than expected.

Third-party toners may void the printer's warranty

According to data provided by the "Printing Industries Association", the use of third-party toners may void the device's warranty. A significant percentage of over 70% of users who have experienced technical problems with their printers have found that they were caused by the use of non-genuine toners. In addition, many third-party manufacturers do not comply with ISO standards. Also, warranty damage is the sole responsibility of the customer. This highlights the importance of choosing the right consumables that meet the manufacturer's standards and specifications to avoid warranty loss and potential additional repair costs. Investing in original toners can be an important step to protect and maintain the warranty of the printer, ensuring that it will work in optimal parameters and serve us efficiently for a longer period.

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