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PowerApp by Aliant is the complete solution for efficient energy management. With features such as automatic and accurate data collection, easy access and flexibility, on-prem/cloud instance and annual license with extended support, the platform optimizes operational efficiency and productivity in organizations. By using hyper-automation and modern technologies, Aliant Power App enables focus on strategic and innovative activities, contributing to the success of organizations and protecting the environment. Aliant Power App provides complete solutions for efficient energy management through automatic data collection, easy access and flexibility, as well as extensive support and advanced automation. Offering increased operational efficiency and improved productivity, the platform is the ideal partner for companies concerned with sustainability and optimized performance.

Aliant brings to the fore PowerApp, an innovative platform that provides complete visibility across the entire organization in managing, visualizing, reporting, mapping energy consumption and more. In an age dominated by technology and concerns for sustainability, the efficient management of energy consumption is becoming a key priority for organizations in all fields. To facilitate this process and provide a complete solution.

What is the main way PowerApp simplifies the process of collecting electricity consumption data?
By automatically and accurately collecting data, PowerApp simplifies the process of collecting electricity consumption data, eliminating the need for manual entry and management. By integrating with supplier invoices, the platform automatically collects data on active, reactive, inductive, capacitive, active energy losses and more. Thus, accurate and complete data recording is ensured, without errors or omissions.

What are the main features of PowerApp that facilitate access and use of collected data?
Easy access and flexibility; one of PowerApp's core features is its ability to dynamically consolidate and update collected data. It gives any user access to data in the form of a dashboard, offering the ability to filter and view information by multiple criteria, such as time, location, activity or history.

What defining features does PowerApp provide to ensure easy access and adaptability to organizations' specific infrastructure and user interface needs?
On-prem/Cloud Instance and Responsive Web Interface; PowerApp is developed as a responsive web application, accessible from any device, including phones and tablets. Moreover, the platform can be installed both on-premise on servers in the data center and in the cloud of the application provider, thus offering flexibility and adaptability to the specific needs of each organization.

How does PowerApp ensure a complete and worry-free experience for users, including what type of license and support services are included?
Annual license and extended support: To ensure a complete and worry-free experience, PowerApp comes with an annual subscription license. This includes technical support, daily backup, data history and security audit features. The platform also offers a login and registration system for new users, effectively managing their roles and permissions.

How does PowerApp maximize operational efficiency and productivity in organizations by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks?
Automation and Improved Efficiency: The key benefits of PowerApp are highlighted by the use of hyper-automation. By combining technologies such as RPA, AI Chatbots, AR/VR or Low Code, the platform improves operational efficiency, increases productivity and reduces costs. Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks allows employees to focus on more strategic and creative activities, leading to higher satisfaction and performance.

PowerApp is a reliable partner for organizations that want efficient energy management. With benefits such as easy integration, centralized management, simplified reporting and flexible scalability, the platform offers the complete solution for each company's specific needs. With PowerApp, organizations can optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, while helping to protect the environment.

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