Aliant & KFactory revolutionizing the activity of production companies

Parteneriatul dintre Aliant şi KFactory revoluţionează activitatea companiilor de producţie

The Romanian company Aliant, IT integrator and provider of digital business transformation services, has concluded a partnership with KFactory, a start-up specialized in the development and marketing of Industry 4.0 digital solutions for the production vertical, according to a press release sent to the editorial office. Within this collaboration, Aliant will be able to incorporate these technologies into the solutions offered to its customers with production activities.

"The portfolio of technologies, and implicitly of the partners we work with, is dynamic, in development and, fundamentally, starts from the needs we discover in the market - whether they are clearly expressed needs or, in certain cases, future opportunities Aliant's digital portfolio is focused on the concept of hyper-automation, because as technologies become more accessible and performant, more and more processes and activities will be automated, simplified for the human user. We see this happening. already in RPA, the technologies of Chatbots, Low code, AR, etc.", says Bogdan Ciubotaru, Managing Partner Aliant.

According to the cited source, the KFactory start-up was founded with the goal of becoming a globally recognized brand that accelerates digital transformation, making a big difference in society by addressing climate change challenges. KFactory's complex technology solutions are designed to help companies achieve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), IT&OT integration and meet manufacturing standards and regulations. The digital solutions developed aim to stimulate operational efficiency and sustainability, thus helping manufacturing companies to increase their productivity and contribute to the prospect of a better future.

Through the partnership concluded between the two companies, Aliant's product portfolio will include all the component solutions of the KFactory platform: Core, Analytics, Knowledge and the Team of Virtual Engineers. They provide real-time insight into the production environment, allowing customers to see not only recorded data, but also production information and events as they occur, leading to faster incident resolution and increased productivity .

The digitization of factories is crucial for modern production, enabling real-time monitoring, greater efficiency and simplified processes. The partnership between Aliant and KFactory revolutionizes manufacturing activities, offering a comprehensive solution for data integration, process optimization and predictive maintenance, which leads to reduced downtime, increased productivity, improved quality control and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the source emphasizes cited.

By using the technology they will be able to access thanks to Aliant's collaboration with KFactory, companies in the manufacturing industry can reach a higher volume of production with fewer resources:

• Costs with the interconnection of IT systems reduced by up to 90%,
• Factory operating costs up to 50% lower,
• Up to 25% increase in Global Equipment Efficiency (OEE),
• Up to 50% more time allocated to engineering teams for core activities,
• Up to 95% less time dedicated to manual data collection.

The partnership with KFactory is a natural consequence of Aliant's vision, according to which the future belongs to hyper-automated companies, the release also states.

The partnership with KFactory is a natural consequence of Aliant's vision, according to which the future belongs to hyper-automated companies, the release also states.


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