Aliant, consolidated revenues of EUR 12.6M in 2022, up 23%

Bogdan Ciubotaru Managing Partner Aliant

The Romanian company Aliant, IT integrator and provider of digital business transformation services, announces the end of 2022 with consolidated revenues of 12.6 million euros, up 23% compared to 2021.

"We had increases in turnover in all our divisions, both Printing (including distribution) and IT infrastructure or Digital/Hyper Automation. We believe that a very interesting period is ahead from the perspective of changes and new technologies, which will impact business models and ways of working. I'm referring specifically to AI, but also to other trends in the tech world that tend to accelerate. We have defined a Digital/Hyper Automation portfolio in which we have included technologies such as RPA, Chatbots, Low Code and XR – extended reality, AR and VR, Metaverse, but there are already new opportunities that we are investigating," says Bogdan Ciubotaru , Managing Partner Alliant.

The main development pillars of the company, namely the printing distribution service and the direct sales division, registered a 2-digit growth, thus having a major contribution to the consolidated turnover. Revenues were on an upward trajectory for both product and solution sales and services activities. Aliant prioritizes the latter in its development strategy, being at the center of the company's expansion plans for 2023.

For the current year, Aliant estimates an increase in turnover, following the two strategic directions established for 2023: growth through acquisitions and diversification of the portfolio, with an emphasis on solutions with the greatest added value and services. The company aims to continue to identify areas where it can innovate, better solve business problems and recommend top solutions to the market, especially focused on digital transformation. The objective for 2023 is to accelerate organic growth, with changes already implemented in the organizational set-up to support it.

In terms of acquisitions, the areas of interest are in the sphere of start-ups, as well as companies, to strengthen the market presence, both in the area of Printing, as well as in IT and Digital/Hyper-Automation. The main evaluation criteria are the existence of products, solutions and services that solve real problems, have good scaling potential and are backed by competent and visionary founders or management team.


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