Collaborative Work

Enhance teamwork, productivity and communication among team members with our collaborative work solutions.

Collaborative Work Aliant

Workplace computers

Aliant provides a wide range of computing technology for the office, for various professional activities, with classic or elegant design, which meets various needs, from basic to the most demanding related to performance, speed, extensibility, power, capacity or style, products of well - known brands: Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, etc.

Assembled PCs - customizable computing units, modulated in various configurations, which meet the specific needs of the customer, both technical and price.

Branded PCs - preconfigured computing units, which pay attention to every detail, with increased reliability, delivered with all the necessary software. Laptops - performance, graphics and communication tools that enhance the digital experience or complete daily computing tasks and keep in touch with all business partners, from the office or on the go.


Pheripheral devices

Used to extend the functionality of computing systems, the diverse range of peripheral devices offered by Aliant meets a variety of needs, from technical performance to usability, from manufacturer to design and style, wireless or wired.

The range of peripheral input devices is wide, from classic, multimedia, wired or wireless keyboards to special-use keyboards, from wired or optical mice to trackball, from various scanners to optical pencils, from microphones to web cam.   Peripheral output devices transmit information from the computer to the external environment, from black and white or color printers, laser or ink-jet, classic or multifunctional to plotters, from headphones to speakers, etc. 

Peripheral input-output devices are used both to enter information into the computer and to transmit information from the computer to the environment and include touchscreen devices, hard disk, flash memory, streamer, CD-RW, DVD-RW, MO-disk, RAM / static-drive, network card, router and switches.


Audio Solutions

Audio systems are electronic systems for capturing, processing and propagating sound, intended to be used in a defined space, to ensure the technical performance necessary for sound amplification of the highest quality.

Depending on their complexity and destination, audio systems are composed of sound capture equipment (microphones), mixing consoles, sound processors, auxiliary sources (DVD drives, Blue-ray, etc.) sound amplifiers and speakers. .
Most often, audio systems are used in applications for conference rooms, performance halls, amphitheaters, classrooms, public spaces, etc.

Aliant integrates professional solutions using equipment produced by prestigious companies that incorporate the latest technologies in the field. In creating solutions, we attach special importance to the preliminary analysis in which we evaluate the specific conditions and requirements of the client so that once the system is completed to meet the highest requirements.

Video Systems

Video systems, in the broadest sense, are defined as solutions for the dynamic display of recorded digital content and / or live capture.

The video system solutions we offer to our customers range from the simplest, consisting of video and source display system to complex systems that integrate multiple display components, selectable sources, image mixing and processing, interactivity.

These solutions usually use LCD, LED or video projectors with DLP and LCD technology, in simple projection, on interactive whiteboard or stereoscopic on flat or curved surfaces, by rear projection or holograms.

The proposal of a video solution is based on the needs expressed or those specific to the use, using specialized professional skills. The equipment we offer is made by well-known manufacturers, is pre-tested for interoperability and is calibrated to work together.

Conferencing Systems

Conference systems are designed to make simultaneous, multiple, audio or cumulative audio and video connections in remote locations with each other or with a room, depending on the type of activity or the specifics of the action (meetings, business presentations, training, conferences, congresses, etc.).

Conference systems combine audio technologies for sound capture, processing, application as well as video display technologies. Complementary to those technologies previously described, video conferencing systems come with a component for taking images through specialized video cameras, which allow the dynamic transmission of the live image on the Internet, through communication equipment generically called video codecs; they convert and encrypt video communication, are able to simultaneously transmit to other participants both video and audio signal from cameras and data content from an auxiliary source (eg a PC).

This range of equipment includes devices that can function as multi-point terminals and servers, live stream servers (through which it can be broadcast live on a site) as well as storage servers accessible from the internet and that allow remote access, authorized records.

Depending on the size of the organization, the existing platform, both hardware and software, the type of conferences (local or regional, interactive or presentation), Aliant offers the optimal solution to each client while providing support in its implementation and later in training. users or technical support, wherever necessary (both in the country and abroad) through their own technical teams or partners.

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