IT support

IT support and maintenance services
Modern businesses, regardless of their size, rely on excellent communication solutions. Modern business tools are based on technology and when the equipment stops, the company no longer works. Proper maintenance of a technological infrastructure saves in the long run: time, money and human resources. Efficient maintenance means business continuity, control and performance. That is why the maintenance packages offered by Aliant Business Solutions ensure an impeccable functionality of IT equipment.    A maintenance subscription solves your IT infrastructure, incident and damage reduction issues.

Benefits of the IT support and maintenance subscription:

Cost optimization
Through the Sentinel service, each client has at his disposal a team of highly trained IT technicians, without assuming the costs of integrating them into the organization.

Cost control
By using an active support service that monitors equipment and prevents unpleasant incidents, the unexpected costs of various failures are substantially reduced.

Direct contact
The Sentinel service provides employees with a unique telephone service, through which they can quickly obtain answers, information or instructions on how to use workstations, operating systems, applications or the network.

Short response time
For fast support, network access will be done using remote connection programs. For client stations, any Anydesk software is the most suitable; specific programs will be used to connect to other equipment. Reporting situations On a monthly basis, the client will receive a report with the summary of incidents (number of incidents, time to solve, recurring problems), identified neuralgic points and recommendations for the IT park.

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