IT solutions design and architecture

The importance of choosing an optimized IT architecture

A determining factor in the success of the implementation of a computer application is the choice of the most suitable technical architecture of the future system. The architecture of an IT system can affect both the capital (investment) costs of the project (by the number and characteristics of the equipment purchased) and the performance of the system (by response times), its security (by using the redundancy characteristics of the equipment or by implementing facilities). back-up / restore or disaster recovery), but also long-term administration and maintenance costs (support contracts and availability of specialized resources, technological evolution).

How Aliant Business Solutions helps you

In developing recommendations for a particular IT system architecture and technical characteristics of equipment, Aliant Business Solutions consultants start from the functional needs of the system, from the functions it must perform, and develop the most appropriate scenario for each project in part. An educated customer will not want to purchase an IT system with top features, but one that solves current functional problems and offers him the opportunity for medium and long term development, in line with business objectives.

After analyzing the options and choosing the optimal architecture, the technical consultants will detail each component of the architecture (hardware and software - system and application) and will complete the technical design, which contains the detailed technical specifications of the system.

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